The term chiropractic is derived from Greek words which mean “done by hands”. In 1895, chiropractic care was developed by Daniel David Palmer, who is an American self-healer. Palmer desperately wanted to find a way to cure diseases without medication, therefore, he studied structure of human spinal cord and vertebrae, plus he mastered body manipulation (the art of using the hands to move the body).

Palmer believed that a lot of diseases were caused by abnormal pressure of bone vertebrae on the nerves of spinal cord (subluxations); he claimed that badly aligned spinal vertebrae can interfere with normal nerve signals. Palmer stated that correcting the alignment of vertebrae of spine will enhance transmission of neural and cranial signals; this can successfully cure hundreds of diseases. Actually, chiropractic care is based on 3 main principles; the first principle depends on your body’s natural self-power for healing; the second one is the fact that both, body function and structure are closely related to each other; and finally, a chiropractor aims to stabilize the function and structure of your body, and provokes your body’s self-healing powers.

Generally, Chiropractic care is used today in treating complex complaints related to both; nervous and musculoskeletal systems, like back and neck pain, as well as painful joints, arms, legs, and headaches. Chiropractor or doctors of chiropractic are physicians who use manual, drug-free method to examine, diagnose and cure their patients. Spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is the most popular used treatment approach by a chiropractor. The main concept of this manual approach is to apply particular amount of force into the joints with restricted mobility, in order to regain their normal function. Mostly, joints hypo-mobility or mal-function is due to tissue injuries, these might be due to trauma, like when you lift heavy thing in wrong way, or sit in bad postures for prolonged period of time. Anyway, whatever is the cause, traumatic injuries result in pathologic changes that cause pain, inflammation and mal-function. In such cases, chiropractic care will restore effectively normal function and mobility for the affected joints, thus reduce pain and tightness of muscles. In patients with lower back pain, chiropractic treatment is usually the primary treatment of choice.

Nowadays, the great majority of chiropractors combine manipulation of spinal cord with other treatments, like heat, diet, exercise, light, water, massage and acupuncture. In order to treat you well, a chiropractor needs to know all your medical history, besides, he/she might ask for X-rays, lab investigation or MRI to help in proper diagnosis. Of course, a thoroughly neurological, orthopedical and physical examination will be done. In your first visit, a chiropractor will examine your muscular tone, your posture in various positions, your range of spinal movement, and finally, examine presence of any bony abnormalities.

Your chiropractor will use 2 main methods your spinal manipulation; rotational and recoil thrust. During recoil thrust, you will have to lay facing downward on a special table which moves slowly downward as your chiropractor makes quick thrusts on your spinal vertebrae. In rotational thrust, you will have to lay your upper body twisted against the direction of your pelvic part, while chiropractor applies short thrusts on your spine.

Rarely, you will feel discomfort after chiropractic treatment, but in some cases, chiropractic manipulation might cause mild ach after treatment, this feeling can last for twelve hours to 2 days after your treatment session.

What to expect from your chiropractor’s visits?

In your first visit, most probably your chiropractor will take your full medical history, besides, a physical and orthopedic thoroughly examination will be done. During the following visits and according to your complaints, your chiropractor will start chiropractic manipulation using hands or a special appliance for applying controlled, fast, and sudden strokes to a particular joint. Actually, through chiropractic manipulation, a chiropractor can move the joints passively (beyond normal range of motion) and normally (within usual range).  Moreover, a chiropractor can use other methods for treatment, including:

•  Heat treatment (hot and cold)

•  Massaging

•  Stimulation by minute electrical impulses

•  Resting

•  Changing lifestyle; like eating particular type of diet, or losing weight measures

•  Exercise

•  Herbs and some dietary supplements

But how can you choose a well-qualified chiropractor practitioner?

It is very important to know how to select the chiropractor who can offer you the best chiropractic care. According to National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there are certain available ways which can help you to choose the right chiropractor.  In fact, your physician or health care provider is the best person who can refer you to chiropractor. Also, most hospitals have a list of certified chiropractors in their area. Official regulatory or licensing agencies in your country can definitely provide you with all the required information about chiropractic care practitioners in your area. It is okay if your friend recommends a certain chiropractor for you, but it is always better to check for any recommended chiropractor in the above resources, just to be sure of his/her qualifications and experience.

It is a very good idea to call the chiropractor you are willing to choose, you can ask for brief information about certification and practical experience of this chiropractor. It is also helpful to ask about number of patients the chiropractor treat per day, and how many time he/she spend with each patient. You might also need to ask about costs of treatment per session, options for payment, and your health insurance coverage for such costs.

According to Chiropractic Economics magazine, average payment per single session of chiropractic care is 65$, depending on where you live, and type of chiropractic manipulation required for your case. Of course, expenses will increase if other methods of diagnosis and treatment are used. Fortunately, American Chiropractic Association (ACA) states that most chiropractors work with insurance payment planning. Great, isn’t it?!!

Where to seek for a professional chiropractic in Singapore?

It is very important to look for a chiropractor who is registered in the Singapore Chiropractic Association. Of course, this is to ensure having the best available chiropractic care. Luckily, there is a full updated list of all certified chiropractors in Singapore published in the official website of Singapore Chiropractic Association.


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